Walks Program

Walks Program

Choose your activities before you go to the booking page on TryBooking.  Note that it is one booking per person and you must book your Accommodation/Registration Ticket before choosing your walks.


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Walk Walk Title Grade AWTGS Dist (km) Total Ascent/ Descent (m) Type Transport
1Shallow Inlet Lake Circuit - SUNDAY ONLY WALKE23.229/29CircuitCarpool
2Tidal River - Tidal Overlook - Pillar Pt - Tidal RiverE35.4220/220CircuitNo
3Tidal River - Pillar Pt - Squeaky Beach - Tidal RiverE37.4260/260In and OutNo
4Tidal River - Lilly Pilly Gully - Tidal RiverE37.7336/336CircuitNo
5Mt Oberon Summit WalkE/M46.6358/358In and OutShuttle Bus
6Darby River - Tongue Pt - Fairy Cove Option - Darby River - Darby Beach OptionE/M37.8392/392In and OutShuttle Bus
7Tidal River - Norman Pt Option - Little Oberon Bay - Tidal RiverE/M38.3231/231In and OutNo
85-Mile Carpark - Vereker Outlook - Millers Landing - 5-Mile CarparkM38.5309/309CircuitShuttle Bus
95-Mile Carpark - Millers Landing - Vereker Outlook - 5-Mile Carpark (reverse of walk 8)M38.5309/309CircuitShuttle Bus
10Tidal River - Mt Bishop - Tidal RiverM39483/483In and OutNo
11Tidal River - Mt Bishop - Tidal Overlook - Pillar Pt Option - Tidal RiverM411.5593/593CircuitNo
12Tidal River - Lilly Pilly Gully - Mt Bishop - Tidal RiverM311.8564/562CircuitNo
13Three Bays Walk (Tidal River to Whisky Bay Return)M311.8368/368In and OutNo
14Tidal River - Norman Pt Option - Little Oberon Bay - Oberon Bay Campsite - Tidal RiverM315.2472/472In and OutNo
15Telegraph Saddle - Oberon Bay - Tidal River (via Beach)M317341/536A to BShuttle Bus
16Darby River - Fairy Cove Option - Tongue Pt - Sparkes Lookout - Darby SaddleM/H410.1594/448A to BShuttle Bus
17Darby Saddle - Tongue Pt - Sparkes Lookout - Fairy Cove Option - Darby River - Darby Beach OptionM/H410.1448/594A to BShuttle Bus
18Tidal River - Lilly Pilly Gully - Mt Bishop - Tidal Overlook - Squeaky Beach - Pillar Pt Option - Tidal RiverM/H417.9790/790CircuitNo
19Telegraph Saddle - Half-way Hut - Oberon Bay - Tidal River (via Beach) - SATURDAY ONLY WALKH419.8391/586A to BShuttle Bus
20Telegraph Saddle - Waterloo Bay - Little Waterloo Bay Campsite ReturnH423.6612/612In and OutShuttle Bus
21Boat trip to Sealers Cove (extra cost) - Sealer"s Cove - Refuge Cove - Waterloo Bay - Telegraph Saddle SATURDAY ONLY WALKH424.81159/959A to BBoat & Shuttle Bus