Walks Program

Walks Program

Choose your activities before you go to the booking page on Try Booking.  Note that it is one booking per person and you must book your Accommodation/Registration Ticket before choosing your walks.


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Walk Walk Title Grade AWTGS Dist (km) Total Ascent/ Descent (m) Type Transport
1Shallow Inlet Lake Circuit - SUNDAY ONLY WALKE23.229/29CircuitCarpool
2Tidal River - Tidal Overlook - Pillar Pt - Tidal RiverE35.4220/220CircuitNo
3Tidal River - Pillar Pt - Squeaky Beach - Tidal RiverE37.4260/260In and OutNo
4Tidal River - Lilly Pilly Gully - Tidal RiverE37.7336/336CircuitNo
5Mt Oberon Summit WalkE/M46.6358/358In and OutShuttle Bus
6Darby River - Tongue Pt - Fairy Cove Option - Darby River - Darby Beach OptionE/M37.8392/392In and OutShuttle Bus
7Tidal River - Norman Pt Option - Little Oberon Bay - Tidal RiverE/M38.3231/231In and OutNo
85-Mile Carpark - Vereker Outlook - Millers Landing - 5-Mile CarparkM38.5309/309CircuitShuttle Bus
95-Mile Carpark - Millers Landing - Vereker Outlook - 5-Mile Carpark (reverse of walk 8)M38.5309/309CircuitShuttle Bus
10Tidal River - Mt Bishop - Tidal RiverM39483/483In and OutNo
11Tidal River - Mt Bishop - Tidal Overlook - Pillar Pt Option - Tidal RiverM411.5593/593CircuitNo
12Tidal River - Lilly Pilly Gully - Mt Bishop - Tidal RiverM311.8564/562CircuitNo
13Three Bays Walk (Tidal River to Whisky Bay Return)M311.8368/368In and OutNo
14Tidal River - Norman Pt Option - Little Oberon Bay - Oberon Bay Campsite - Tidal RiverM315.2472/472In and OutNo
15Telegraph Saddle - Oberon Bay - Tidal River (via Beach)M317341/536A to BShuttle Bus
16Darby River - Fairy Cove Option - Tongue Pt - Sparkes Lookout - Darby SaddleM/H410.1594/448A to BShuttle Bus
17Darby Saddle - Tongue Pt - Sparkes Lookout - Fairy Cove Option - Darby River - Darby Beach OptionM/H410.1448/594A to BShuttle Bus
18Tidal River - Lilly Pilly Gully - Mt Bishop - Tidal Overlook - Squeaky Beach - Pillar Pt Option - Tidal RiverM/H417.9790/790CircuitNo
19Telegraph Saddle - Half-way Hut - Oberon Bay - Tidal River (via Beach) - SATURDAY ONLY WALKH419.8391/586A to BShuttle Bus
20Telegraph Saddle - Waterloo Bay - Little Waterloo Bay Campsite ReturnH423.6612/612In and OutShuttle Bus
21Boat trip to Sealers Cove (extra cost) - Sealer"s Cove - Refuge Cove - Waterloo Bay - Telegraph Saddle SATURDAY ONLY WALKH424.81159/959A to BBoat & Shuttle Bus