Walks Program

Walks Program

Choose from a suite of 22 walks that highlight the southern section of the Australian Alps.  Showcasing mountain tops, deep gorges, waterfalls and expansive snow plains. In developing the walks program we have included walks catering for people with a wide range of abilities.

In an exciting first for the Federation Walks Weekend, FedWalks 2021 is offering three overnight walks, two of which are supported and a shorter one which is a "come-and- try overnight walk". We are joining with the Macalister 4WD Touring and Social Club, a local four wheel drive club, to assist in the logistics of these walks.

The walks are listed in the table below.  Bookings for the walks opened on Monday 2 August at 8:00am and have now closed as the event is fully subscribed.

As we will be walking in an alpine environment and conditions, it is appropriate to refer walkers to the Parks Victoria Warning - Remote Walking.  While the warning is specific to the walk to the Crinoline (Walk 20) many of the points covered in the warning are relevant to all the walks on offer.

The Walk Grading system is consistent with gradings used in previous Bushwalking Victoria Federation Walks events.

REGISTRATION PROCESS - Sorry, bookings are now Closed!

Choose your walks from the table below. To help you decide the Walk Description is linked to a document providing highlights and a description of the walk; and the Map link opens the detailed map associated with the walk.

Pick your top 3 walks for each day, as numbers for each walk are limited, so you may not be able to get a place on the walk of your first choice when you book, so have some alternatives ready.

Once you have made up your mind click on the Register Here button - Note: One person per Booking please!


The all-inclusive package includes:

  1. Three nights in cabin style accommodation
  2. Three breakfasts
  3. Food, drinks and snacks to make your own lunches on Saturday and Sunday
  4. Three dinners
  5. Guest speaker, award winning film maker, Beau Miles
  6. Two walks led by experienced leaders
  7. Comprehensive souvenir walk booklet

Cost of the package is $260 per person.  While a package is also available for those who have to leave Sunday afternoon, it is strongly recommended that you stay until Monday and drive home safely and refreshed.

View the Cancellation and Refund Policy here.


1 Wollangarra visit Visit to Wollangarra Outdoor Education Centre Map 1 4 E (Very) Sat & Sun 20
2 Bryces Gorge Pieman and Conglomerate Falls Map 2 8 E Sat & Sun 20
3 Mt Arbuckle Arbuckle Junction to Thomastown Map 3 10 E Sat & Sun 20
4 Moroka Falls Horseyard Flats to Moroka Falls Map 4 6 E Sat & Sun 20
5 Kellys Hut Thomastown to Kellys Hut Map 5 14 E Sat & Sun 20
6 Bryces Gorge Overnight Conglomerate Falls Pack Carry- beginners Map 6 8 E Sun to Mon 12
7 Mt Howitt Macalister Springs to Mt Howitt Summit Map 7 14 E/M Sat & Sun 20
8 Arbuckle to Kellys Hut Arbuckle Junction to Kellys Hut Map 8 8 E/M Sun only 20
9 McMillans #1 Mt Arbuckle to Dingo Hill Track Map 9 12 E/M Sat only 20
10 Mt Reynard The Gorge to Mt Reynard Map 10 13 M Sat & Sun 20
11 Wellington Plains McFarlane Saddle to Mt Wellington Map 11 16 M Sat & Sun 20
12 Neilson Crag Doolans Plain to Neilson Crag Map 12 15 M Sat & Sun 20
13 Mt Eliza Stony Creek to Tamboritha Road Map 13 6 M/H Sat & Sun 20
14 Beths Peak Moroka Road to Beths Peak Map 14 14 M/H Sat & Sun 20
15 Black River Lazarini Spur Track to Black River Map 15 12 M/H Sat & Sun 20
16 The Rock Shelter Dingo Hill Track to the Rock Shelter Map 16 20 M/H Sat & Sun 20
17 Wonnangatta Valley Overnight Bryces Gorge to Wonnangatta Map 17 17 M/H Sun to Mon 12
18 Crolls Gorge Wellington River wade Map 18 13 H Sat only 12
19 McMillans #2 Tamboritha Saddle to Breakfast Creek Map 19 13 H Sat & Sun 20
20 The Crinoline Breakfast Creek to the Crinoline Map 20 12 H Sat & Sun 20
21 Tali Karng Overnight McFarlane Saddle to Millers Hut Map 21 19 H Sun to Mon 12
22 Long Hill Tamboritha Saddle to Breakfast Creek via Long Hill Map 22 24 VH Sat only 12

FUEL RE-Imbursement

The following schedule of re-imbursement rates has been calculated for those not using their cars and taking a ride with others.

  • $2 for Walk 13
  • $5 for Walks 1, 3, 5, 8, 15, 16, 18 and 20
  • $10 for Walks 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 17, 19, 21 and 22