Participants are required to arrange their own accommodation.  Here are few useful links:

  • Wangaratta Information Centre:
  • Glenrowan Caravan Park:  (a couple of cabins may be available). Unfortunately the other local caravan parks (Painters Island, Wangaratta Caravan Park, and North Wang Cedars Caravan Park) may have sites, but no cabins are available.
  • Search for an option that meets your need and budget on: AirBnB:
  • Or explore a range of motel, hotel and accommodation options on the HighCountry Places to Stay website.
  • We can offer free powered camping sites at Wangaratta Showgrounds.  Centrally located on a lovely site along the Ovens River, this is our base for activities and perfect for self-contained camping accommodation. Basic bathroom facilities are available (think 1970's basic) supplemented by porta-loos and showers.

If you are unable to find a suitable option for your party - get in touch and we will see if we can help:

Contact Eileen (FedWalks volunteer Accommodation Liaison) providing:

  1. your party details
  2. what you have tried already, and
  3. preferred contact details/time for a return call.

Email Eileen at: with "Accommodation" in the Subject Line.