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The list of walks on offer for the weekend of 28th to 29th October, 2017 is detailed below. Registrations open on Saturday lst July at 8.00am and will close on Friday 1st September at 10.00pm.

For booking status refer to "News Update"

Please take the time to fully consider all details of your walk to ensure it is within your capability. Walkers must choose sensible challenges bearing in mind any type of weather may be encountered. If necessary, weather conditions or other factors may lead to cancellation or last minute walk changes, of which you will be advised.

The walks should all finish back at our Walk Assembly venue by 3.45pm to allow time for you to enjoy afternoon tea with your fellow walkers.

Click on the Walk Title below for the walk description and relevant map.

Available Walk Title and Grading   Walk
excl travel
Sat Sun
1 Yes Yes Mt Donna Buang Ramble & Rainforest Gallery 8.0 km 4 hrs Circuit 9.30am 
2 Yes Yes Warburton Riverside Ramble 11.5 km 5 hrs Circuit 9.30am 
3  No Yes O'Shannassy Aqueduct:Cement Ck Rd to Sussex St 15.0 km 5 hrs Car Shuffle 8.45am
4 No No La La Falls - Backstairs Track-Rail Trail 11.0 km  5 hrs Circuit 9.30am 
5 No No Mt Donna Buang & Mt Boobyalla 13.0 km 5 hrs Car Shuffle 9.00am
6 No Yes High Lead Car Park-Reids Mill-Powelltown 14.5 km 5 hrs Car Shuffle 8.15am
7 Yes No O'Shannassy Aqueduct-Yuonga Rd to Dee Rd 16.0 km  5 hrs Circuit 9.15am
8 Yes Yes O'Shannassy Aqueduct: Diversion Weir to Cement Creek Rd 16.0 km 5 hrs Car Shuffle 8.30am
9  No No Ada Tree & Three Sawmills  16.0 km 6 hrs Circuit 8.15am
10  No No Mt Little Joe Bypass & River Trails 12.5 km 5 hrs Circuit 9.30am
11  No No Big Pats Ck to Ezards Mill 12.5 km 5 hrs Circuit 9.00am 
12 No No Mt Little Joe Summit & River Trails 13.0 km 5 hrs Circuit 9.00am
13 Yes Yes Warburton Rail Trail:Wandin Nth to Yarra Junction 19.0 km 5 hrs Car Shuffle
/ Bus
8.00am Sat
8.30am Sun
14  Yes Yes Ada River Sawmills and Tramways 16.0 km 6 hrs Car Shuffle 8.15am
15 No No Ada Tree - Charlie Creek & Sawmills 16.0 km 5 hrs Circuit  8.45am
16 No No Britannia Range 15.0 km 6 hrs Circuit 8.15 am
17 Yes Yes Richards Tramline Shorter Loop 19.0 km 5 hrs Circuit 9.15 am
18 Yes Yes Richards Tramline Longer Loop 21.0 km 5 hrs  Circuit 8.45 am
19 Yes Yes Big Pats Ck-Starlings Gap-Mississippi Fireline 21.5 km 6 hrs Circuit 8.30am 
20  No Yes Warburton to Mt Donna Buang & Return 15.5 km  5 hrs Circuit  9.00 am

Federation Walks 2017 - Master Map

Note: For relevant Car Pool cost refer 'Event Guidelines'