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The guidelines listed below are intended to ensure a safe and enjoyable weekend for everyone.

  1. Always respect the walk leaders' judgment. They are responsible for the entire group's welfare
  2. If you are walking in front, stop at all intersections and track junctions, and wait for the group to catch up, so that no-one takes a wrong turn
  3. Always keep the walker in front, and the walker behind in sight. The party must go at the pace of the slowest member of the group
  4. Always walk on the track. Do not cut corners or create new tracks
  5. Be considerate of others in your party and any groups you may meet during the day
  6. Carry adequate food and water for the walk you are on. On warm days carry extra water
  7. Wear strong and comfortable footwear and carry appropriate wet weather gear, extra clothing layers, personal first-aid kit and sunscreen at all times
  8. Should you require a toilet stop during a walk, please advise a walker in front of you, put your pack down on the track for the whip/co-leader to see, and take note of the direction and distance that you travel from the track, to enable you to safely return to the group
  9. Bush toilet etiquette requires human waste to be buried 15cm down and not less than 100m from any water course
  10. Care for the environment – respect flora and fauna and take your rubbish home


  1. The leader will provide instructions about the route in case you lose touch with the convoy
  2. Walk's leader will appoint lead and tail vehicles with drivers who know the route
  3. Take note of the car in front of and behind you
  4. Try to keep in sight of the vehicle in front of you and the vehicle behind especially when at intersections, turning corners or leaving parking areas
  5. When making a turn give signals in good time and stay in sight in the road into which you have turned until the car following has indicated the turn
  6. On dusty roads space out to enable clear driving vision
  7. Allow sufficient space between convoy vehicles to allow other vehicles to overtake safely if necessary.
  8. If the car behind cannot be seen, slow down or park safely until it reappears. The car ahead should be watching you and do likewise. The whole convoy will eventually stop until the problem is rectified and in this way no one gets left behind or lost.
  9. If despite the above you lose contact with the convoy, park and wait for someone to find you. Do not drive aimlessly hoping to find the group.


The km allowances for each walk are outlined below. These amounts should be paid to the relevant drivers.

Walk No Walk Title Car Pool Cost
1 Mt Donna Buang Ramble & Rainforest Gallery $3
2 Warburton Riverside Ramble $1
3 O'Shannassy Aqueduct: Cement Creek Rd to Sussex St $2
4 La La Falls – Backstairs Track – Rail Trail $1
5 Mt Donna Buang and Mt Boobyalla $3
6 High Lead Car Park – Reids Mill – Powelltown $6
7 O'Shannassy Aqueduct – Yuonga Rd to Dee Rd $1
8 O'Shannassy Aqueduct–Diversion Weir to Cement Ck Rd $3
9 Ada Tree and Three Sawmills $4
10 Mt Little Joe Bypass & River Trails $1
11 Big Pats Ck to Ezards Mill $3
12 Mt Little Joe Summit & River Trails $1
13 Warburton Rail Trail: Wandin Nth to Yarra Junction $3
14 Ada River Sawmills and Tramways $4
15 Ada Tree – Charlie Creek & Sawmills $4
16 Britannia Range $3
17 Richards Tramline Shorter Loop $3
18 Richards Tramline Longer Loop $3
19 Big Pats Ck - Starlings Gap - Mississippi Fireline $3
20 Warburton to Mt Donna Buang & Return $1


While at Arrabri Lodge the organizing committee, participants and any invited others are guests of the establishment. Emergency incidents such as Fire, Storm, Medical and/or Accidents which occur at Arrabri will be managed per the Arrabri Lodge "Emergency Response Plan"

If the emergency siren rings (loud and continuous ring) meet on emergency assembly area (the oval) IMMEDIATELY where Arrabri staff and weekend organizers will take appropriate action. In case of an external fire (bushfire) the Multipurpose Games Room is the designated assembly area

At the East Warburton Hall any emergency situation that should arise during Registration, Walk Assembly and Afternoon Tea will be handled by the Federation Weekend organizers until relieved if necessary by emergency services personnel.

There will be an equipped first aid facility with an appropriately qualified person in attendance and transport available for use to assist in any rescue. The closest ambulance service is at Yarra Junction and nearest hospitals are Maroondah in Ringwood East or the Angliss Hospital in Upper Ferntree Gully.

Melbourne Bushwalkers have a prepared Emergency Management Plan  for the weekend which includes Emergency Procedures for Walk Leaders and Co-Leaders. For any emergencies/incidents on a walk participants are advised that the leader will follow these pre-established procedures on which they will be briefed prior to the event. Please follow the leaders' instructions.