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The table below is a list of the walks that were offered on 8 & 9th October 2016. Click on the walk title for the detailed description and map.

Note: Walks 7 and 8 had to be changed because of flooding of McKenzie Creek. These two walks then became Waterfall Tours, visiting a number of different waterfalls in the northern Grampians.

For a brief overview of all walks, click here.

Click to see a map of the walk locations

1 Mt Zero & Flat Rock  Easy 2.5 hrs 3.6 km Return
2 Hollow Mountain (Northern Grampians) Medium 2 hrs 2.5 km Return
3 Stapylton Traverse  Hard 5.5 hrs 6.6 km Circuit
4 Pohlners Loop (including 1km section of Peaks Trail)  Medium 4.5 hrs 8.5 km Circuit
5 Grampians Peak Trail - Coppermine to Dead Bullock Ck  Med/Hard 6.5 hrs 10 km Car/Bus Shuffle
6 Pyke's Cave  Easy 3.5 hrs 6.6 km Return
7 Wartook to McKenzie Falls  Medium 5 hrs 14.5 km Car/Bus Shuffle
8 Zumsteins to McKenzie Falls  Easy 3.5 hrs 7 km Return
9 Mt Rosea  Med/Hard 6 hrs 8.5 km Circuit  
10 Tower Hill & Calectasia Falls  Medium 5 hrs 7.4 km Return
11 Asses Ears Medium 4.5 hrs 6.5 km Return
12 Hollow Mt & Red Cave (Victoria Range)  Med/Hard 6 hrs 6.5 km Return
13 Deep Creek  Medium 4.5 hrs 7.5 km Return
14 Fortress  Hard 7 hrs 10.5 km Return
15 Fortress Views
Medium 4 hrs 7 km Return
16 Mt Thackeray Easy/Med 3 hrs 3.1 km Return
17 Chimney Pots Medium 3.5 hrs 5 km Circuit
18 Black Range Traverse  Med/Hard 6 hrs 8.5 km Car/Bus Shuffle
19 Mt Arapiles Circuit  Medium 5 hrs 14.5 km Circuit
20 Aboriginal Art Site Tour Easy 6-7 hrs
and walks)
6.9 km Drive & walk


  1. The 'Total uphill' figure listed on the walk sheets refers to all of the uphill sections of a walk e.g. if a trail goes up and down several times, all of the up sections are totalled. It does not just represent the change in height from the lowest to highest elevation.
  2. The maps and elevation profiles are intended as a guide only for each particular walk. While due care has been taken to make them accurate, slight differences may occur on the actual walk.
  3. The 'Duration' of each walk is an estimate of the total walking time and includes breaks and lunch. The actual walking times may differ depending on the group and how long they have for breaks and lunch. Driving time is not included in the above table - except for Walk 20. For driving times, refer to the detailed walk sheets.